Social vs. Search; which tool to use?

Google Yahoo BingShould you spend more time on Social, or Search when looking for your next client?  The question is like asking should I use a hammer or a screwdriver for home improvement?  It is not possible to do Marketing without both social AND search.

Facebook Twitter LinkedInThis month on Digital Information World, they point out that each Marketing Tool addresses different needs.  You can't build a complete marketing strategy without both tools to find where your next client is going to come from.  Both tools require different management and maintenance.

Social is immediate, and fleeting.  A post on Facebook could last just minutes until the next shiny object appears.  People on Facebook will read and interact with your post quickly, and then move on to the next subject.

Search is a long term strategy.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could take years to build up enough credibility to keep yourself visible in search results.  Whole careers can be spent getting the right page rank for your site.  Without SEO you may never be found in the major search engines.

Both tools address a different aspect of Marketing.  Leaving your Social strategy out of your Marketing Investment is like fixing your house without a hammer.

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