Social Media

Local Value Marketing offers the industry’s most cost-effective customized managed social networking service available.  Instead of publishing content on your behalf, blindly, we take into consideration events at your office, birthdays, and information your clients want to know about you and your business.  In your monthly marketing review, you get to express what you do and don’t want to publish in your campaign over the next month.  You can make adjustments to any content being published before it gets sent out, or we will make those adjustments for you.

A collaborative approach to your Social Networks

We start with a comprehensive brand review of your business, your customers, and how you want to be perceived by your customers.  We then custom tailor your social media campaign to that message, every month.  You get the final approval of all content to be published on your behalf.  If you prefer not to get involved, leave the driving to us and we’ll publish based on your brand review.

Evolving Social Networking Strategy

Every month we have a Monthly Marketing Meeting where we discuss every aspect of your networks.  We grow your social networking strategy based on activity and the expression by your business.  Your content starts with a simple approach, and then gets more involved with your practice as you become more familiar with what you want to have published.  We’ll provide content,  images, and videos of relevant content to your business.

Strategy – Your dedicated Marketing Manager works with you to describe your campaign, answer questions, and work with you on ideas

Adjust – We constantly adjust your campaign to support what we find about your market, and the success or failure of your social networking.

Implement – We then implement the mutually agreed upon strategy to support your business growth requirements.

Monitor – We monitor your content against all measurements, page views, likes, etc…

Report – We report results from the previous month so decisions for the next month are made based on quantitative results.

Analyze – We analys all aspects of your campaign including keyword performance, PPC bidding, conversion tracking, and ad copy on an ongoing basis.  Markets change, and so will your campaigns based on this information.


Social Media Service – ($297/mo)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ social networking managed for you covering all aspects of your content publishing campaign. Every month, we meet with you to explain the success or failure of your campaign, and recommendations to improve it.  Every month you get an update to the latest in social networking campaigns.  For businesses who are using the Business Presence Service, you also get integration of your social networking campaign with your website for features and functionality available on your website.  If you’re using the Business Advertising Service, your integrated SEO and SEM campaigns will have your local neighborhood know your business whenever they go online.

  • Monthly Marketing Meeting
  • Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr,and Pinterest Page Setup, Design, and launch.
  • Weekly social media post on social networking channels
  • Website Integration so your customers can find you on your site.
  • Support and training – Phone and email