Marketing is more than putting up a couple of pages on the Internet so your customers can find you.  Marketing is an ongoing activity, requiring continuous maintenance so your business can continue to grow.

Marketing Services includes the 3 primary online marketing services, the Marketing Presence, Online Advertising, and Social Media.

Marketing Presence

The Marketing Presence service includes everything you need to have a presence on the Internet including your website, social network setup, and being listed  in the global directory services.

Online Advertising

Advertising is the fastest most direct way to grow your business.  You can see immediate results from a campaign, and can grow your campaign to meet the total available market in your area.  We make sure you're not spending too little, or too much.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and so on.  Who can keep up with all the social networks available.  We ensure you don't have to by managing all of your social networks in one easy to manage social dashboard.