SEO Service

1) Claim Your Listing

Being found on Google is the most important way people will find you.

2) Optimize

Now that you are out of danger of being de-listed, we then start to lean forward with your listing.  We optimize your pages so all of your information is available about your practice, what it looks like, and ensure your customers can find the right information for you.

3) Managed Monthly

We make sure you appear in the Google SERP 3-Pack.  This means you'll have the highest visibility for your market of any local business.  We build out your SEO perfect storm and manage it on a monthly basis.  As competitors get that you're out ranking them, they in turn will start to find ways to out rank you.  We make sure you're in the 3-Pack all the time.

  • Optimize your business settings to appear in the Google SERP 3-Pack
  • Custom SEO optimized website.  This website will support the on page, and off page SEO necessary to successfully be found for the SEO terms you are interested in.
  • Business Listing Service - you'll be listed in directory listings around the world, feeding back to your website.  We make sure this information is accurate and readily available.
  • Social Media SEO Service - We build out many social media sites, and customize them for your use.  We then publish content to these sites, increasing your social footprint, and bringing in new customers from wherever they hang out in the world.
  • Reputation Tracking - A chance to professionally respond to any negative comments and attempt removal as they happen.  We check in on your account for any malicious attempts at destroying your reputation.
  • Reporting - Provide you with a monthly Google Report that will give you a snapshot of online mentions of your business, how you rank, how many people went to your website, and how many people called you because of your new online presence.
  • Marketing Meeting - We will meet with you to review your results, and show you what the numbers mean.