Local Marketing Review

Local Marketing overview of where the small business marketing battle resides.   Find out where your next customer is going to come from in this short overview.  Understand how your next customer will find you, and what you can do to influence their decision to go with your business.

Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Google’s “MICE” Update This short, but very important guide is designed to inform website owners like you of a critical Google update, formally called the “Mice” update, however often referred to “MobileGeddon,” that took place on April 21, 2015. While this update, with a meek-sounding name, took place several months ago, it appears that a…
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Local Value becomes Google Adwords Certified Partner

Local Value Marketing is proud to announce that we have become a Certified Badged Google Partner as of October of 2015. Having the Google Partner badge means that Google trusts our agency. We earned the badge by passing Google advertising certification exams, following best practices and delivering quality results for our clients. Though we are…
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Facebook and YouTube advertising to 1.3 Billion people each

facebook LogoPay Per Click (PPC) advertising is only one aspect of online advertising.  Facebook and YouTube each have 1.3 Billion users.  Local businesses can address this thriving marketplace through paid social media; advertising.  There is a market opportunity available to local businesses now before the national chains figure out how to take advantage of these low hanging fruit.

You Tube LogoLocal businesses need to reach beyond their Pay Per Click campaigns to reach new audiences in these social media markets.  Local Value Marketing provides the services local businesses need to find new clients for their thriving business.  Call your Marketing Consultant today to find out more.

Social vs. Search; which tool to use?

Google Yahoo BingShould you spend more time on Social, or Search when looking for your next client?  The question is like asking should I use a hammer or a screwdriver for home improvement?  It is not possible to do Marketing without both social AND search.

Facebook Twitter LinkedInThis month on Digital Information World, they point out that each Marketing Tool addresses different needs.  You can't build a complete marketing strategy without both tools to find where your next client is going to come from.  Both tools require different management and maintenance.

Social is immediate, and fleeting.  A post on Facebook could last just minutes until the next shiny object appears.  People on Facebook will read and interact with your post quickly, and then move on to the next subject.

Search is a long term strategy.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could take years to build up enough credibility to keep yourself visible in search results.  Whole careers can be spent getting the right page rank for your site.  Without SEO you may never be found in the major search engines.

Both tools address a different aspect of Marketing.  Leaving your Social strategy out of your Marketing Investment is like fixing your house without a hammer.

Facebook drives Social Commerce

facebook LogoFacebook is a goldmine for online advertisers and local businesses.  Clicks on Facebook are less than clicks on Google Adwords (Pay Per Click), by as much as 50% or more!  Using Facebook, you get a short term benefit of the website click, along with a long term benefit of building your social footprint through likes.  Additionally, Facebook is now driving SEO, and the article attached shows the importance of Facebook to your SEO strategies.

Local Value recently launched it's own Facebook Advertising Service, providing a cost effective way to advertise in this powerful market.

Don’t ignore Google+

Google+ InfographicUnless you work for Google, Google+ is probably not your primary social network.  You probably believe Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the only networks for social reach that are relevant to your business.  Because nobody you know uses Google+, it's OK to ignore it as a platform.  If you're a small or medium sized local business, think again.

It's because of the power and reach of Google+ that we include managing your Google+ presence as part of our Marketing Presence Service.  Contact us for more information.